Smlm, I had a meeting with my friends at Equtorial Hotel in Penang. We had about 3 hours meeting. The main discussion is how we can get loan to set up a new chicken farm. He said he can help me to get a new loan. He know the way to get loan but he don't know the technical thing about chicken.

So, we combined our ideas for the benefits of both parties. He will help me to get the loan and I will help him to set up his farm.

He asked me how much I required. I said I only need RM1,000,000. I don't need much. He said, you better think twice. This is the last chance that you will have this opportunity. After this, you will not get this chance anymore. He asked me to think twice if I want to increase the amount.

I don't want to be soo greedy. I'm still young. At the age of 28, I still have ample time to develop myself. I want to expand my bisness step by step. I can't do too many thing at one time. My main concern now is, to make sure my current bisness running smoothly. And make it stable. Then, only I will expand my bisness. Alhamdulillah, for the time being, I could say that my biz is about to get stable.

For the time being, my target is to have 100 000 chickens per cycle ( 2 months ). Currently, I only have 2 farms with the capacity of 20 000 & 18 500 chickens per cycle. In total of 38, 500. So, I need another 60k chicken to reach my target.

That's why I need RM1m to set up my new farm at Selama. Expecting capacity between 50k-60k. He said he can help me to get this loan.

For his project expected to be around Mengkuang area, he wanted RM2, 000, 000. RM1m for him to buy the land and another RM1m to build the chicken farm. Insya Allah, I will help him to set up his project there. After that, he will hire somebody to take care of his chickens.

So, now I'm writing my paper work and his consultant is writing his paperwork. Hopefully, it will be ready in one week time. We will meet SOMEBODY after that to propose this project and get the loan. For me, it is very simple. There is no harm to try. And, with Allah blessing. He will give us the best.

* Teringat kata kata Rezqa, my friend kat UK dulu. "Minta aja, kalau tak dapat tak pa. Tapi, kalau tak minta MEMANG CONFIRM tak dapat" . So, better try. Berusaha, dlm masa yg sama berdoa, dan kemudian kita bertawakkkal... Minta petunjuk dari Allah, insya Allah, Allah akan beri yg terbaik...



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