Today's entry will be in English.... Heheheh... After resigned from Silterra.... I rarely use English in my conversation and my writing.... 3 and half years already i'm not using English... The reason is simple, only 2/10 people in this industry will understand English... Just imagine, I'm dealing with my workers, the feed & chicken lorry drivers, most of them don't have high education... So, all conversation must be in Malay...

After 2 months waiting for my maid to come, finally she is here. She arrived here last night around 11pm. Thank you so much to my agent who brought her here.

In total, we paid RM5700 to our agent. We booked this maid last two months. But, the bureaucracy we had with immigration caused the delay. And the aggrement is, our maid will serve for the first 4 months for free. And we will start paying her salary RM450 permonth in the 5th month. And, we will do collection in this house to pay her salary. Heehhehe... Since 5 of us in his house. Everybody will pay RM90 per month.

Today, I woke up at 6.00am. And surprisingly, my kitchen area was clean. Wowww.... Good start so far. And my mom definitely having many more thing for her to do. I told my mum, don't push her to much in this few days... She may still tired after a long journey from Indonesia by boat which took 10 hours.

Our maid is 42 years old. Coming from Jawa, Indonesia... This is her first time coming to Malaysia... She had 2 children, aged 22 and 18 years old. And one of them also on thier way to Malaysia to work as maid. My mum and I had a short chat with her last night...

Ok, I hope my house will be more clean after this.



  1. bro, kita dok Mesia.
    wat pa dok bangga bahasa inggeris.
    tau la hangpa mengaji kat UK nun.


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