Dah lama tak update pasal ayam. Nak update kalau tak masuk gambar tak best la pulak.. Sy tercari2 cable phone to laptop, ter missplace pulak. Alhamdulillah. Dah jumpa. Boleh cerita sket pasal ayam di reban.

FYI, for the last 7 days... nafas sy kadang2 panjang.. kadang2 pendek.. Problem. Macam2 problem di reban. Ayam sakit.. Tiba2, ayam mati dengan banyak secara mendadak. Kalau biasa mati 2-3 ekor sehari. Tiba2, meningkat kepada 15 ekor, dan kemudian keesokannya 30 ekor.. And so on... Kalau ayam mati banyak secara mendadak, mesti ada problem... Dah lama tak update dlm English, dah nak berkarat my English... So, this entry will be in English, Omputih..

To trouble shoot this problem... We need to follow few step. And it need few years experiences to know what is the actual problem. If you are a new farmer and facing this problem for the first time... You are in a deep problem. It almost happen to me this time, Alhamdulillah.. fast respond and pro active preventive action led to a good recovery of the chicken.

First, if this problem happen to your farm, you need to go in the house and check the chicken dung. ( TAIK AYAM ). Make sure the shape, the colour and hardness is good. Otherwise, we could predict there is a problem. If the chicken dung is good, you need to listen carefully to your chicken sound. If you are experience enough, you can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy chicken. Look at their body language. Good chicken and bad chicken behave differently. Again, only experience can help you to investigate the problem.

Last but not least, you need to do post mortem on the chicken. This will tell you the exact problem of the chicken. When you want to do the post mortem on the dead chicken, you need to check two part. Upper part ( the resparitory system ) and bottom part ( the digestion [penghadaman] system ).. Wahhh.. today speak like a doctor..

Dr Ho from CP came and visit my farm to do the post mortem. Before he came, I already did my own investigation, and he came just to confirm and give further advise.

Starts operating the chicken. All farmers must learn how to do post mortem on their own. You must learn when the doc visit your farm... Ask him to explain you to differentiate between good and bad internal body chicken.

This is the heart, this is a good and clean heart. Most dead chicken having good heart. So, we can eliminate the resporitary problem. This only the heart, you need to check the trakea as well..

Sample of bad heart. Only one chicken having this problem. You can see the heart was covered by fat. And this reduce the capability of the chicken to breath and cause death. If many chicken having this problem, that's mean you having CCRD. Chronic Critical Resparitory Disease. Since only one chick had this problem, so CCRD is not an issue.
After that, we did check the bottom part of the body. Look at the duodenum and jejunum. ( Usus ). Check inside the usus if there is any blockage. The colour of good usus is pink. If the colour change to green or grey, something is problem there. I'm sorry, I didn't take the photo of usus.
Next, we check the kidney. This chicken is having swallon kidney, the kidney can't work properly and this could cause the chicken death. Normally we will have swallon kidney if we give too high dosage of the drugs to the chicken. The kidney simply can't accept it and swallon. This time, most of the chicken having swallon kidney.

Another photo of swallon kidney.

Finally, you need to check the 'bursar'. Something that close to the rectum. This chicken is having yellowish and jelly bursar. This is the symptom of Gumboro. Farmer should fear of this problem. If Gumboro attack your farm like I had last batch, the mortality will be very high and you can't expect much profit.
From my post mortem, only few chicken having this bursar problem compared to previous two-three days. Before that, many chicken having bursar problem and I did suspect Gumboro. And, after I get advised from few damm experienced farmer... so called 'taiko' in this industry.. they advise me to give poisson. What !!!!!.. Yes, give the chicken poison called Microcide. Normally, we use Microcide to kill germ and virus. But, this time they asked me to give the chicken drink...
I heard few farmer did this before, but I was soo affraid to do this. But no choice.. Dengan lafaz Bismillahirahmanirrahim... I gave the chicken Microcide with ratio of 1:3000 with water.
Alhamdulillah, after I gave two days.. The bursar problem reduce a little bit. And the mortality reduced significantly. But the Microcide had affect the kidney. And, after I gave Nephryl, Alhamdulillah.. The kidney looks good now..
This is the sample of good bursar.
Before the doctor went back, he took few blood sample from 20 chickens. This is to confirm the real chicken problem from the blood test at their lab in Thailand.

Sian ayam kena inject.
And today, my chicken is 27th nd 26th day-old. Alhamdulillah, now the chicken is almost recovered. I hope the chicken will be back on track and still can get the target profit.
To all reader, please pray for my success in this business. To those who interested to join this business... welcome to the club..


  1. salam.. sy ex stdunt poli.. n sy ingt nk bergiat dalam bidang niee leh abg bantu sy x? xleh reban besar reban kecit pown jd lah..untuk permulaan nie.. klw leh sy nk join club ne.. tp cmne ek.. harap abg sudi membantu wslam..


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