Semalam dah start tangkap ayam. Start tangkap hari ke 38. Aveage weight yg keluar semalam. Jantan 2.3kg, betina 2.1kg. Which is quite good compared to previous cycle. Alhamduillah. But, in this business. We have to wait for overall chicken weight before we start calculating our profit.

Semalam baru first day tangkap ayam. CP hantar 3 lori saja. Awal pagi call, cakap datang 2 lori. Pukul 11 call lagi kata 5 lori pulak. Then, pukul 2 cal lagi kata 3 lori saja. Hmm... Bangla ckap, "TUMIE, LEONGI MOTTO".

Ok, this 10 days will be my busiest time over the chicken growing period. But, I will update you some photos how we catch the chicken.



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