CP vs HPA Part 2


Kalau korang perasan, entry aku yg dulu ( Tahun 2008 ) aku ada buat comparison between CP and HPA... And finally, I decided to stay with CP.

The reason I stayed with CP because:

1) As a feel of appreciation to CP that help me a lots in this biz...
2) Good technical services... Ayam sakit, terus datang...
3) Poor HPA management especially with their new BOD. I called them to discuss about the opportunity that we can have biz together, BUT... Their respond was too slow... And then, they said I need to wait for 1 month before my DOC entry...

But, my friend who are doing contract farming with HPA in Bagan Serai doing quite well so far. And, they gained RM1.10 net per bird from HPA.. One good thing, they started catching the chicken on 34th day and finished the chicken on 39th day. WOWWW.. So amazing...

Just imagine, we entered the DOC ( Day Old Chick ) on the same date, my chicken just about to start catching... But his chicken about to finish.... And he earned net profit of RM1.10 per bird... That's very good... He called me just now and ask about my chicken... Hmmm.. That's make me jealous as he already have his honeymoon time....

That's the different between one integrator to another... But frankly speaking... All integrators have their own strengths and weaknesses.. It is totally up to us, to choose the one that suit us and can give us maximum profit...

Till then...


Catat Ulasan

Rupa2 nya, fenomena ayam di k4,giant,econsave murah adalah kerana ayam tu import dari China. La ni Chinan kena AI ( baca selsema burung) itu pasal depa let go murah. Tadi pun dalam radio dah anounce kerajaan BN tak
bagi import lagi.

go to guitaril.blogspot.com for more info.



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